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If I can't picture something,
I can't understand it.

— Albert Einstein

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MetaSelf assembles our familiar body-centered metaphors into
a full picture of our mental, psychological, social,
ethical, and spiritual selves.
A Simple Picture. A Spatial Vocabulary.
Understand How the Body
Structures Your Mind and Your Life.
graphic: Front/Back Axis, slice 09: Right figure facing Left Figure
The Front/Back Axis of the Self, showing the 8 Spaces

Many familiar English phrases — "the back of my mind", "putting up a good front", etc., etc. — are metaphorical uses of space, based on the physical structure of our bodies in gravity. We all share four bodily, spatial contrasts: front/back, up/down, left/right (or center/side), and inside/outside.

These bodily contrasts are the spatial framework and the key vocabulary in MetaSelf's basic picture: two upright figures facing each other in a room, holding masks, offering gifts. This simple sketch helps us understand ourselves and embodies the principles of Conceptual Metaphor Theory. For more information on current Conceptual Metaphor Theory, watch How Brains Think (a 67 minute YouTube video, by Professor George Lakoff).

A Handy Tool for Three Overlapping Groups:

For Individuals,
MetaSelf can help you —
  • Imagine a loving "I" attending to your evolving parts.
  • Re-ground your abstract values in your body's structure.
  • Use balance as a detailed metaphor for self-regulation.
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For Educators & Healers,
MetaSelf can —
  • Help somatic healers and "heady" clients communicate.
  • Enlarge spatial thinking to include figurative space.
  • Integrate verbal skills with visual/spatial skills.
  • [ Read more … ]
For Researchers & Theorists,
MetaSelf can —
  • Promote cognitive science using ordinary language and pictures.
  • Offer conceptual metaphor as a self-transformation tool.
  • Ground the idea of "self" in the body's structure in gravity (Lakoff & Johnson).
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