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If I can't picture something,
I can't understand it.

— Albert Einstein
graphic: MetaSelf: The Big Picture
MetaSelf assembles our familiar body-centered metaphors into
a full picture of our mental, psychological, social,
ethical, and spiritual selves.
A Simple Picture. A Spatial Vocabulary.
Let the Body Structure Your Life!
graphic: Front/Back Axis, slice 09: Right figure facing Left Figure
The Front/Back Axis of the Self, showing the 8 Spaces

Lots of familiar English phrases — "the back of my mind", "putting up a good front", etc., etc. — are metaphorical uses of space, based on the physical structure of our bodies in gravity. We all share four bodily, spatial contrasts: front/back, up/down, left/right (or center/side), and inside/outside.

These bodily contrasts are the spatial framework and key vocabulary in MetaSelf's basic picture: two upright figures facing each other in a room, holding masks. This simple sketch helps us understand ourselves and embodies the principles of Conceptual Metaphor Theory.

A Handy Tool for Three Overlapping Groups:

For Individuals,
MetaSelf can help you —
  • Imagine a loving "I" attending to your evolving parts.
  • Re-ground your abstract values in your body's structure.
  • Use balance as a detailed metaphor for self-regulation.
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For Educators & Healers,
MetaSelf can —
  • Help somatic healers and "heady" clients communicate.
  • Enlarge spatial thinking to include figurative space.
  • Integrate verbal skills with visual/spatial skills.
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For Researchers & Theorists,
MetaSelf can —
  • Ground the self in the body's structure (Lakoff & Johnson).
  • Explain what "embodied" means in ordinary terms.
  • Incorporate I-maps, You-maps and We-maps (D. Siegel).
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